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9 Healthy Tips for Grocery Shopping

9healthy tips for grocery shopping

The most common mistakes to avoid when going grocery shopping:

1. Do not get lured into the next latest and greatest marketing campaign. If it says “healthy” or “natural,” that means nothing. Do not be fooled by the face of the product, you still need to read the ingredients.

They are listed in order of highest quantity to least amount in the product. Labels are for marketing, which is meant to grab your attention to get you to buy it.


2. Trying to save money is being, “penny wise, dollar foolish,” or should I say, health foolish. Do not make the mistake of buying products on sale or with coupons that you would not normally buy.

You may be enticed by a sale when you do not actually need that product. I am not saying to avoid a sale, I am simply saying that you should only buy it if it was your original intention.


3. Do not buy something out of the healthy or organic section of a store without reading the ingredients. You just cannot trust the section itself, or the entire store for that matter.

You must still read the label. The rule of thumb is to not buy food that you cannot pronounce the ingredients. Simple natural food is always best. Just because it is at a health food store does not mean it is healthy.

You still need to be mindful of processed foods and how many organic cookies you ingest. A cookie is still a cookie. By the way, I am not saying you can’t have an occasional treat, it’s just that the word occasional is sometimes mistreated.


4. You also must buy good quality meat, fish, and dairy. The chemicals are more condensed in these products. Do not try to save money here. You are looking for meats that are free from antibiotics, hormones, and factory farming. Humanely raised is important.

How the animal is raised and slaughtered is important because it transfers to your body. What you eat becomes your cells. I would
also suggest that you treat meat as a condiment, meaning eat very little.


5. Shop the perimeter of the store. That is where the fresh food is. All of the living food is always along the outer edges of the store.

The processed food that has a longer shelf life is in the aisles. I recommend that you go to the store with a shopping list and only visit the aisles with your list.


6. Do not impulse buy unless you are in the produce aisle. Never impulse buy at the register, those items are there for a reason.

While standing in line waiting, that candy bar may just lure you or those sugar-coated peanuts. If you must pass the time, pick up a magazine instead, or ask someone near you how their day is and share a smile.


7. Do not shop hungry. You may end up breaking all of these rules just because hunger clouds your better judgment.


8. Plan your meals on a weekly meal calendar. This will save you money and keep you organized.


9. Shop with a list. Shopping with a list puts the intention of what you are going to buy in writing, making it more difficult to impulse buy or buy things that are not healthy.

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