The whole crew of 40 plus Grandma and Grandpa(Jeanette's parents).Three babies on the way as well. Such a blessing!

This page is about...Our big wonderful family.   8 children, 6 with spouses, 28 grandchildren and always counting, and one wonderful husband of 41 years. 

 As you can imagine I get a lot of calls with,  "Mom, what can I do about ...". and you can fill in the blank with about anything.  Toothache, low iron, pregnancy morning sickness, allergies, gassy tummy, sore throat, earache, a good use for garden produce or fruit, even a way to make paint or playdough...the list goes on.  I like to stick as much as possible, to natural solutions for any of those requests. 

At one time I started a blog for my girls but it was a little difficult to maintain the way it needed to be.  So that's why I decided to started this website

I figured, rather than try to keep track of all my answers and repeat it to the next one that asks. I would put it on a site so they could find it whenever they wanted.  It will all be in one place and categorized for easier access when needed. 

Now they text and ask.."Mom, what is your website address again?  Need to look something up."  Hopefully others will benefit from it as well.

Not that I have all the answers, far from it, but I have come across some pretty good things that have really worked for us through the years.  And with raising 8, very active children, I had plenty of opportunity to try things out.

I personally believe, that God  in his infinite love and wisdom provided everything we need for our physical well being. He also gave us hope and provision for our spiritual well being and  eternal destiny.

Within his great creation He gave us many wonderful foods, herbs and other natural provisions to live healthy.  We can then maintain our health by using these things wisely. 

I am fascinated with and love to study everything I can about living and  eating naturally.


So..., Welcome to my site, my name is Jeanette McCauley. Studying natural living and health is a passion of mine.   I could also talk about it for hours, and have before, especially with someone who enjoys it as much as I do. 

My grandson read this page and said, "no, mammaw, you should of put, you can talk about it for hours and hours....".  So I guess he's heard plenty and maybe more than he wanted, of the natural living discussions.

One of my sons once commented that, “before we know it Mom’s going to have us eating bark off a tree!”  To which I responded, “Well, I just read in one of my books, that you can eat the bark of several kinds of trees.”  and… They still love me.

In all seriousness, I love to read and research, especially concerning natural living and natural health. 

The Answers Book for Kids Complete Set
Experience and training right here. Two of my grandsons helping their great grandpa dig "sweet taters". They're learning the joy of living naturally.

About Experience and Training

Experience, as I stated previously, is from raising 8 children and they all survived, through many scenarios,  and now having 25 grandchildren and being very involved in their lives.

Training, I am currently working on courses to receive my certification as a Natural Health Consultant.   My other “credentials” are, avid reading and studying, researching and talking with others.  In addition, I was always working to solve different health issues of our family of 10, without running to a Drs. office for every illness that came along.  Through time, I also learned about many of the detrimental chemicals in our everyday household and personal hygiene products.

I am excited to now add, that as of May 2020, I have earned a Health Coach Certification, with a focus on Biblical nutrition.  Having learned new interesting information has given me many more great subjects to share with you on this site

It’s Been Long Journey

The beginning of my quest was, when my husband developed blood sugar problems (hypoglycemia), a Dr. told us it would probably turn into diabetes soon, and to just give him glucose (sugar) when he started bottoming out. 

I started reading a lot about hypoglycemia and found out, that giving him straight sugar was the worst thing we could do. This was before internet in our homes or google so my research consisted of going to the library and/or buying our own books. 

We started making gradual changes and kept learning more about the effect our diet has on our health and I continued to do a lot more reading and studying. 

Diet Changes Were Mandatory

Making diet changes was the main therapy we practiced, specifically cutting out sugar and bad carbs, as much as possible.  That was a roller coaster ride for a while, until my husband noticed the consistent pattern of mood swings, exhaustion, and general feeling bad every time he consumed the wrong foods. 

 We started on some natural supplements as well.  We both still lived rather inconsistent diet and exercise habits while learning to change them.  Then our children came along and we had to be the example for them.  That was another learning experience in itself, which I will share on another page.

In House Test Subjects

Our children were very trusting as well to try what mom suggested, albeit not always eagerly. 

But the main test subject in our home was myself.  Feeling bad, tired and achy more and more as I aged, was getting too common.

When at age 42 I had our last daughter, I knew I had to do something or she would not have a mom, or I would not be able to do anything with her during her teen years.  Now she is the sole recipient of my expounding, on any new knowledge I learn.  Bless her heart, but she is a good sport and sometimes truly acts interested. 

So I started trying to change different habits. I was amazed at how natural products and foods could make such an improvement, on our bodies and overall well-being.

Our lifestyle has changed drastically from what it was when we first got married, but it wasn’t an instantaneous change.  It was a journey of new knowledge and necessity for change, over time. 

Please know that we don’t think we have arrived, not in the least,  we are still learning and striving to care for our bodies with the care we believe God, our creator would desire us to.  

So… this site will be a collection of what we have already learned, tried and are still doing to live a more natural and healthy lifestyle. The journey of learning shouldn’t end, because there is always more.  Armed with basic knowledge about natural living, I believe we can have a fuller, healthier and more enjoyable life.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us, and we hope we will hear from you on our opinion pages and maybe even share with us some of your own successes with living naturally.

Solo Build It!

I personally believe, that God in his infinite love and wisdom provided everything we need for both our physical and spiritual well being. He gave us his awesome creation for our sustenance and health, then made provision and hope for our eternal destinyClick on the link if you would like to know more.