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For the last 38 years I have put in countless hours reading and reading, then researching, experimenting and asking questions of others, to learn all I could for living naturally. 

My goal being, to raise my family in the healthiest manner I could and for each of them to develop a strong immune system.

I would like to add, that my continuing goal was and is for my family to remain healthy into and through adulthood and to avoid as many chemical laden, and fake products as possible. 

Finally, my hope is that they will pass down good, natural health habits to their children as well.

With 8 children, some invariably have to try their own thing, which I understand.  But as they have started having children of their own they have come back to the natural side of living as much as possible. 

My youngest daughter says they go to the “dark side” when her or any of her siblings start eating lots of junk food and such.  A family joke. 

On their own, our children have noticed a marked difference in how they felt, when they started consuming and using foods and products that were extremely processed.  In fact they compare notes on what helped them the most in changing back to healthy habits.

Read, read and read some more happened most times because, one subject would link to another.  This built a fascination in me for what a wonderful creation our bodies and minds are, and how they work so intricately well if taken care of.

Since the start of my curiosity for natural health, my library of books on that subject has grown to around 65 books. 

In this day and age it is almost a bold statement to say, we can be healthy and stay healthy without all the chemical additives and drugs pushed at us today.  But it seems it is harder to avoid them than in days past.

Below are a few of the books I read and use as references.  There are more on my bookshelves and the rest are in the library, which I should basically own, considering I have paid so many late fees on them.

Reading and Putting
Knowledge to Practice

I have many books that I did and still do, enjoy reading, and others I keep for reference. However one of my favorites is, "The Green Pharmacy” by James A Duke," I have literally worn out 2 of them and plan on purchasing another one soon.  

Dr James Duke is a PhD Botanist who not only dedicated his life to studying medicinal plants all around the world, but he also raises plants for medicinal purposes. 

Dr Dukes book has natural solutions for most maladies and just good health that are easy to do.  We have used many of them through the years. 

There are other books that I will list specifically for you on my references page. (which is "Under Construction")

On this site I will share  from several of these books, as well as from our own experiences with natural living, and natural health. Both successes and things that didn’t work so well.

There are many references to “us” in this website, because if it wasn’t for my husband trusting me, I wouldn’t have as much to write about. 

He went with the ideas sometimes reluctantly, to change our diet and purchase natural supplements, teas and other natural living products.  However, once in a while it was reluctantly.

I might not have pursued learning more about natural living and health, if he had not been willing to try.

I personally believe, that God in his infinite love and wisdom provided everything we need for both our physical and spiritual well being. He gave us his awesome creation for our sustenance and health, then made provision and hope for our eternal destinyClick on the link if you would like to know more.