Colloidal Silver
One product first aid kit!

(Science Digest cited Colloidal Silver as “…a wonder of modern medicine,” and further stated “Antibiotics kill perhaps a half dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650. Resistant strains fail to develop. Moreover, silver is virtually non toxic.”)

We love colloidal silver, it is amazing.  We have used it for 19 years and have had nothing but good results from it.  And...we have not turned blue yet.  There are some people who worry about that.  I even  took it  regularly while pregnant and my daughter and myself are still a normal skin color.   

All my daughters and myself (19 yrs. ago), used it while pregnant specifically for nausea and indigestion. Not having to take antacids anymore for the last 19 years is a big plus for me.

Silver Has A History

There is fascinating history on this very natural product,  as well as it being a very effective supplement. 

In a nutshell, silver has been used medicinally in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Hippocrates was actually one of the first to describe its antimicrobial properties in 400 B.C.   It has often been referred to as the world's oldest antibiotic.

History reveals that people would store their food in silver vessels and eat with silver utensils to reduce the risk of contamination and illness.  Which explains the reason eating utensils became known as silverware.   Early scientists also discovered that a silver coin or disc kept in a petri dish would keep it free from contamination.  

It's greatest virtues are, it's tremendous boost to the immune system and it's ability to kill off bad bacteria and viruses.

(Science Digest cited Colloidal Silver as “…a wonder of modern medicine,” and further stated “Antibiotics kill perhaps a half dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650. Resistant strains fail to develop. Moreover, silver is virtually non toxic.”)

Our introduction to Colloidal Silver, 19 years ago.
Discovered it was great
for ears, tummies and eyes!

Our family was introduced to colloidal silver by a chiropractor when our oldest son had constant recurring ear infections at age 2.  My husband was in the Navy at that time and we were at the clinic constantly with our son.  Our first experience with colloidal silver was with earaches and infections.

At the clinic, they would clean his ears and talk about putting tubes in.  I was not really crazy about that idea. Then our chiropractor told us to warm it up and put the silver solution in his ears.  He was in quite a bit of  pain from an ear infection. 

When we put the colloidal silver in his ears, he stopped crying almost immediately and fell asleep.    Which never happened whenever his ears were hurting. We have had that same result many times through the years, it was amazing.

When our youngest daughter was a baby, I gave it to her when she was fussy with a tummy ache.  After several times of taking it,  she started opening her mouth like a little bird when she was not feeling well, to have some put in her mouth. It has been effective in this same manner for all our children and grandchildren. 

When any of my children and grandchildren would get pink eye we diluted it a little with distilled water and dropped it in their eye and literally within 2 days it was either getting much better or completely cleared up. 

Wounds and Warts

Our oldest son had a wound on his lower arm and developed blood poisoning that was not responding well to regular medication, (prescribed by a medical Dr.) and had a red streak that was starting up his arm. So we began covering the wound with bandages soaked in colloidal silver and started him drinking ¼ cup every 2-3 hours. By the next morning the red line was receding and by that night it was gone. 

We have used it many times to keep infection at bay or to clear up infection in a wound.  When we started drinking it both mine and my husbands warts cleared up completely.  He had a planters wart that while in the Navy, Drs. had removed but it grew back twice.  However when he started drinking Colloidal Silver regularly it started drying up and crumbled away and is still gone. 

When we were first introduced to colloidal silver I researched like crazy to find out all I could about it.  I ended up with a file about 2.5 inches thick!  It has proven true through the years to be beneficial for many health enhancing uses.

Originally we bought it at a health food store, but then learned how to make it ourselves.  Making it ourselves has saved us a tremendous amount of money because we use it a lot, and it has worked just as good as what we were buying at the store.

Make Your Own Colloidal Silver

Here is a rough diagram for now, (working on a clearer and larger diagram) in case you would like to start making your own colloidal silver easily and cheaply to try it out.

A friend introduced us to this method, which we used for several years until my husband made one with a adapter plug rather than batteries.  Which is much more convenient and cost effective with the volume of Colloidal Silver I make for our family. 

Explanation on the Colloidal Silver Maker diagram:

  1. The three boxes at the top are 9 volt batteries which will equal 27 volts, which we found works well.
  2. The two lines going from the batteries are two separate wires called test leads, with alligator clips on each end of each wire. 
  3. The two triangles represent a strip of silver wire attached to each alligator clip.
  4. The round container is a quart glass jar and filled with distilled water, up to but not touching the alligator clips.  You do not want the water over the clips at all, that would contaminate your colloidal silver.  You can heat the water to very warm, some say it speeds the process, I don't know if it does or not.  But use a glass or stainless steel pan and don't heat it in a microwave. It doesn't turn out the same.
  5. When batteries are new you can let it cook in the jar about 1 to 2 hours, but as they get weaker you'll need to extend the time and you can check the charge by touching wires to see if they spark.

Some people add salts and other ingredients to the distilled water to speed it up or make it stronger.  We have found it is not needed, and our colloidal is plenty strong for our needs.  It will sometimes be a soft gold color and other times not.  But we can usually tell that it is enough simply by tasting the metallic taste it has.

If you use regular tap water the minerals and additives will cause the colloidal silver solution to turn dark and lowers the quality.

We are not scientists and I know there are those that argue about the differences in colloidal and ionic silver.  But using this method and then the adapter method for the past 20 years with no negative side affects or problems has worked for us. 

With every member from youngest to oldest of our family of 40 members, which includes grandchildren, using colloidal silver on a daily basis we have nothing but good to say for it.

The silver rods you use should be listed as 99.9% pure.

Here is a short list of some of the ways that we have used Colloidal Silver in our daily lives and have experienced very good results from it.

  • *Tummy ache elixir and helps the burning gas pains in esophagus  (helped our colicky  baby’s tummies as well)
  • *Mouth wash /disinfectant   (Ingesting and swishing in mouth, helps relieve mild toothache pain and improved my gum disease)
  • *Face wash and toner,   (really helped our teenager’s acne)
  • *Wound cleanser and disinfectant, (Pour on the wound as a cleaning disinfectant and/or saturate a clean rag and lay on the wound to help fight infection.)
  • *Pink eye.   (clears it up fast)
  • *Disinfectant for counters and other surfaces. (Wipe surfaces down well with CS and let air dry.)

If, However, you don't want to make your own.  Buy already made Colloidal Silver at a reasonable price.  Over time you might decide to make your own as you find more and more uses for it.  But don't delay until then, start enhancing your health and wellness now.  Less Dr. visits is a great money saver and that is possible with a healthier immune system.

Solo Build It!

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