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Natural Living

Delicious Natural EatingDelicious Natural Eating

What is natural living and  how do we arrive there?

Many years ago that question plagued my mind, specifically when negative health issues began to affect our family.

There are so many chemical laden products and "foods" out there, that it sometimes seems overwhelming, to try and figure out what to do differently.

We came to the conclusion that natural living is, as best as you can, to avoid and remove as many products in your life that are full of chemicals.  

That would include synthetic cleaning, hygiene and beauty products and fake and processed foods. 

Then try to use products and foods that are as close to original and natural as possible.

Our bodies were not designed to survive on chemicals, but instead on healthy, whole natural foods and chemical free products.

Let's Get Healthy Journey

Our family found out how much our health could improve when we started making small changes at the beginning of our "get healthy" journey. 

We then continued and progressed from there as we continued to notice a tremendous positive effect on our health and how we felt. 

It was and is worth the effort.

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In his book, Food Sanity 1,  Dr. David Friedman stated:
“In spite of all the differences of opinion, one thing every expert does seem to agree on is that the food we consume will either make us healthy or sick.

Hiding within our food supply are unnatural binders, fillers, preservatives, pesticides, hormones, artificial coloring and chemicals. So, if  You Are What You Eat , then we are fake!”

Do you ever think you want to detox your life, but don't feel like you have the time, or knowledge to put into it?  

You can do it, and our goal is to assist you as much as possible in replacing bad for you chemical foods and products, with those that are natural, healthy and many times more economical.

The more we learn and try it out, the more we'll share.

Recent Reviews on Dr. David Freidman's book "Food Sanity"

This book has it all! Every myth about food and nutrition is explored and busted in this very revealing and entertaining book.


Beware! Once I read the first chapter, I could not put this book down and basically cleared my weekend schedule to devour it. This book is a game changer in every way because Dr. Friedman has "herded all the cats" and finally given the world a comprehensive and well-documented guide to food, supplements, and healthcare products that surpasses anything I have encountered. After years of watching ever-evolving health data being reported on the nightly news and in periodicals, there is finally a one-stop, no nonsense reference guide for the common man. Best of all, Friedman's taken the studies, the quotes, and the reports on practically all things health-related, and documented the sources in meticulous footnotes that allows everyone to explore for themselves the pros and cons of the information. Read this and you'll have a very clear and profound picture of how the food and supplement industry works, and the effects that we as consumers inherit accordingly. There's no fad diets or self-promoting gimmicks pitched here. It's just page after page of solid information that may well help save your life! T Moore


As practical as a handbook and as hefty as a textbook while still easy to read. The contents and glossary allow for going back to reread or reference. Besides showing us how to dig into food healthfully, Dr. Friedman shows us with his system, DIG, how to dig deeper to figure out for ourselves just what to eat and what to avoid. Suitable for ordinary or conscientious eaters as well as the most demanding dieticians or doctors who care about about the wellness of their patients. There are even alternative choices to unhealthy foods, links so we know where to find great products, and the healthiest choices in meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds--you name it. Friedman did his "homework" and let's you know the bottom line. References abound for those who want proof to go with any statements or go to the source behind the facts presented. It really takes skill to present hefty info in an easy to read style mixed in with humor, and Dr. Friedman shines here. If you care about health for yourself and your loved ones, don't neglect to read Food Sanity. .

How Do I Know?
What Is Natural?

If you wonder what "natural" really means, here is a quick definition.

Natural :

  • Existing in or caused and produced by nature ; not made or caused by humankind, NOT artificial or synthetic.
  • Closely resembling and original, that is true to nature .

Natural Living

natural livingGetting sunshine, fresh air and time to relax is another aspect of healthy Natural Living.

When you decide to embark towards natural living and eating it can appear daunting. Because....

Unfortunately, an overwhelming amount of foods and personal hygiene products we consume and use, on a daily basis, are not natural in the least. 

These products are chemical laden and contain modified and artificial ingredients. 

In other words much of it is fake and definitely not natural and should not be consumed, or used on the human body.

In addition, many of these ingredients are actually addictive and/or harmful to our minds and bodies.

So what is real natural living and eating? It is making choices and living out daily habits that are best for our health.

We hope to help you discover simple, Natural, healthy alternatives to some of the chemical concoctions we consume daily in food, hygiene products and remedies.

There Are So Many Questions
About Natural Living and eating

Maybe you have asked yourself some of these questions and possibly more.

Another question that is most important, especially in this time of uncertainty is. Do you know your Creator and how much He loves you?

 quick tips

Additional Natural

One final and very important product we have added to our diet is an all natural, whole food supplement.

Adding additional nutrition, that is pure and organic is important, since it is so difficult, to get all the nutrition we need in our foods today.  This is greatly due to all the synthetic additives in our foods and GMO crops.

We buy as many all natural products as possible, but don't always have access to everything we might need since we live in a small rural town. Being able to have a garden does help though. 

It is not possible for everyone to have a garden in their backyard. And unfortunately, even a garden does not always solve the problem of what might be lacking, in getting complete and natural nutrition.

So for that very reason, we use a natural whole food supplement.

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I personally believe, that God in his infinite love and wisdom provided everything we need for both our physical and spiritual well being. He gave us his awesome creation for our sustenance and health, then made provision and hope for our eternal destinyClick on the link if you would like to know more.


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