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Oil Spot Removal

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Do you have a favorite t-shirt, jeans or other clothing...that you quit wearing because of an oily spot?

Cooking oil, dripped pizza cheese, bacon grease splatters, fast food drips while eating on the run....The list goes on.

I am excited to share with you a surefire, oil spot removal, for stains on clothes.

Non Toxic and Economical
Oil Spot Removal

Sticking with the subject of this website, natural and nontoxic is the first priority for any household product, then add, “effective, easy and cheap” and you have a winner.

In our home, we have used this solution over and over and it works every time and with no damage to any clothing.  It worked even when the clothing, with the oily spot, had been put through prior washing and drying.

This is strictly for oil and grease stains, so far.  I am going to add some other ingredients, to this basic one I use for oil and grease, and see what other type of stains it might remove.

Diatomaceous Earth

This amazing solution is Diatomaceous Earth or for a shorter, easier term, “DE”.

We have been using this product in many ways for several years now.

While reading and researching about diatomaceous earth, I found even more uses for it than the many we already knew about.

According to several scientific studies and websites of corporations, DE is used for absorbing spills of all kinds. When dry, it can absorb at least twice its weight in liquid.

Super Absorbent
For Removing Oil Spots

One publication stated in reference to Diatomaceous Earth's ability to absorb:

That it has the highest absorbency of all materials in general use – approximately145% of its weight of oil.

It absorbs liquids and semi-liquids, including oils, grease, water, battery and other acids, anti-freeze solutions, syrups, and many more.

Diatomaceous earth’s tremendous absorbency, makes it the most efficient absorbent of this kind, available.

Clean t-shirt after applying Diatomaceous Earth onto multiple oily spots. They're all gone!

Removes Oily Residue

Grease and Oil spots can leave behind residue, DE is able to absorb and pull liquids and keep residue from remaining.

Now that Diatomaceous Earth's absorbency has been verified, here's the simple way to use it for oil spot removal.

Easy Spot Removal

  • Lay your garment flat on a surface and dip some Diatomaceous Earth powder onto the spot and rub it in.  If it is a heavy oil/grease spot, you may need to add more onto the spot, until it looks powdery and not opaque.

  • The DE looking powdery on the spot, usually determines the oil has been completely absorbed.

  • Put it in your laundry to wash, and be amazed when you pull it out of the dryer, clean and spotless.

  • Some fresh spots however, can be treated immediately, and brushed off with a clean dry washrag until the spot is gone. I dripped coconut oil on my t-shirt and treated it immediately, let it sit a few minutes, brushed it off and it was gone.

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