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Always There

window with tree and lake

alone in the night

No one else is up yet and the only sound to be heard is the occasional hoot of the owl,

The Psalmist used the owl to describe his predicament in Psalm 102 verse 6, “I am like a desert owl of the wilderness, like an owl of the waste places; I lay awake;”

I ran the references to the owl and found the owl is usually used as an indication of desolation. Some writers have referred to the owl as an example of their soul's desolation.

But as alone as David was in the night there is One who cares for his creation.

So the soul cries to his creator and finds comfort and strength.

That comfort and strength flows like honey over our souls as we remember him as our Saviour, healer, coming King, the Alpha and Omega.

So as I sit here in the morning quiet, with only the hooting of the owl, I am aware of His presence and care. I look out and the light of dawn is beginning to show and I know he always brings the dawn and He is always there.

I personally believe, that God in his infinite love and wisdom provided everything we need for both our physical and spiritual well being. He gave us his awesome creation for our sustenance and health, then made provision and hope for our eternal destinyClick on the link if you would like to know more.